Yousuf Al-Hais Business Group

Yousuf Al-Hais Business Group is a well established and highly respected leading business conglomerate enterprises in Oman. It is a dynamic and a fast growing group spreading over various business like Retail, Real Estate, insurance, travel, electronic and delivery services, green projects , resorts, and industries in Oman. The group is a pioneer in providing first class services and green projects in its functional areas in the country



eGhaseel has not only organized the laundry marketplace, it has revolutionized a traditional offline service to make it user friendly, convenient, hassle free and up-graded customer habits. The Main strengths are Flexible Service, Accuracy and Personal responsibility that make the customers to bounding with Laundry services.

Al Diwania Dry Cleaning

AL Diwania dry cleaning is a famous brand in Oman specialize by providing first class laundry and cleaning services in Oman. It is well known by the competitive price and high service quality. Our branches all over the country to reach your needs.

Hais Properties

Yousuf Al-Hais has joined the real estate business recently names as “ Hais Properties. The group owns some properties in addition of providing realesate services and constructions contracting as per customer requests.

Sohar Insurance Services

The YH group started the insurance services in 2009 and since then this business has grown very fast to cover most of the country and to serv a wide number of client. Sohar Insurance has a strong partnership with diverse insurance principles in Oman . We are a good example for the cooperation and good relation to others.


Shajf Al-Sham

The group owns the Shajf Al-Sham Juices chain, which is well-known for its juices, ice creams and sweets and is known for its excellent services and high quality with competitive prices.


Murjan Plastic was established in Oman by YH-Group, an Omani business leader well known in Middle East Area. Our team of well qualified and professional people within our organization is focus to give continuous high level of customer satisfaction.

Yousuf Al-Hais Business Group

Diwan Travel and tourism is a well established travel agencies in Oman. Since 2009 , the office has been providing first class travel services at competitive prices to all section of clients. This wide range of services include travel tickets, hotel booking, tour package, visa , and insurance.


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